Tuesday, October 9, 2012

NaNo Survival Kit

And so it is beginning...NaNo 2012!  We're gearing up for it and building suspense, momentum, plots, and epic problems to write our way of next month!  So, let me ask, what would you (or what DO you) include in your NaNo Survival Kit?

My NaNo Survival Kit
~Armae (My laptop)
~Koppur (my netbook for when I'm writing out of the house)
~Golden Jump Drive
~Jump drive pouch with 2 backups
~One spiral-bound white-papered legal pad (special pad that is only found at CVS) containing notes and outlines
~Assortment of favorite pens
~IPod and USB cord for recharging
~2 pairs of Earbuds
~Assortment of Creativity-Inducing Tools (ex: NaNo Fingerless Writing Gloves; headband with pink glitter bobble skulls; pink leather kitty kat eye mask; pink wig; purple wig)
~Knitted slipper booties
~Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, protein shakes, oatmeal, carnation instant breakfast, soup (my diet for 30 days)
~New apple-scented candles and brand new lighters for my office

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