All About Armae

After some very big changes in my life recently, I have realized that I don't really know myself anymore.  I'm not sure who I am, who I want to be, or what I want from my life anymore.  I'm struggling in my love life.  I no longer work full-time due to MS (Multiple Sclerosis).  I've recently had WLS and am working on being healthy and taking care of myself.  Through a lot of therapy I have let go of (most) of my anger, and am in the process of learning that I am good enough just the way I am, and that I am kick-ass awesome.

Problem is, I don't know where I want my life to go from here.  I know I want to do some kind of part time work, but what?  I know I want to do some kind of volunteer work, but where?  I know I want an exciting life again, one that I look forward to each day I wake up, full of happiness, peace, amazement, fun, and love, but how?

My life is like a giant word jumble right now, all crazy and mixed up and hard to understand, but still filled with a sense of purpose.  I just have to find that purpose.

As I weed through the letters and incomplete words to find the answers that complete my journey, I'd like you to come along with me.  Just beware that this blog will be as jumbled and seemingly random as those word search puzzles, and it won't always be cheery.  But, I promise you it will always be fun...

Name: Armae Moon

Age: 29 OK, I'm really 34

Lives in: Southeastern New England with my two furkids Solstice and Wolfie, and Johnny, the spirit in my home

Occupation: Writer, Herbalist, Tarot Card Reader, ebay Seller, Best Auntie Ever!

Formal Education
Fun Education
  • History of Witchcraft at Brown University
  • Intro to Photography at RISD
  • Bartender Certification
  • Level 1 Reiki Certification
  • Medium Workshop
  • Ghost-Hunting Workshop
  • Apprenticeship in Herbalism

Jobs I loved
  • Stage Crew (event set-up, security, and breakdown in college) 
  • Bookseller and Appraiser at Remains to Be Seen (a used and rare bookstore that no longer exists) 
  • Associate Director of Events at the National MS Society 
  • Proofreader and Editor for text books, grades 9-12 and college texts
  • Professional Psychic and Tarot Card Reader
  • Babysitter to the best niece and the best nephew IN THE WORLD!

When I have free time, I like to
  • Write (duh)
  • Read (duh)
  • Procrastinate Writing (Ha, gotcha on that one!)
  • Spend time with my Beanie and my Little Big Man (my niece and nephew)
  • Shop at antique stores and yard sales for funky finds
  • Concerts, concerts, concerts!
  • Research (Subject doesn't matter; I tend to get a little interested in one thing and then next thing I know, I'm an amateur expert on it!)
  • Run through fields of daisies naked in the pale moon light