Sunday, August 26, 2012


Much thanks to a friend of mine (the kickass author of Anypocalypse: The Ladies Guide to Surviving Anypocalypse) for sharing with me a new online publication called eFiction.

It's pretty cool, describing themselves as "the modern descendant of pulp fiction magazines" and having with a simple mission statement of:

(Yeah, I snagged that right off their website, heh).

They have six genre fiction magazines (eFiction Romance, eFiction Fantasy, eFiction Noir, eFiction Horror, eFiction Scifi, and eFiction Steampunk) that they'll be launching as soon as they have enough pieces for each respective magazine.  You can also submit book reviews, poetry, non-fiction pieces about the world of editing, artwork, and even serial fiction.

This could truly be the best online publication that has happened for years for the new/under-appreciated artist that's hiding inside all of us!

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